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Legal Information

It is necessary to acquire legal information but what really matters is trying to acquire free legal advice online from a certified lawyer. Legal advice entails oral or written counsel on legal matters one can face. It is essential since legal matters apply to the situation you as an individual or as a group may find yourselves. The following are some legal counsel on various issues.


Civil Rights

Civil rights entail the basic rights/freedom that are to be enjoyed by any human being. The gist of civil rights the right to life and freedom of liberty. All people are entitled to this and all citizens or governments are prohibited from violating this law. There is also the right to be take part in politics by involvement in the democratic act of voting. They advocate living without fear of intimidation or persecution.


Negotiations and acquisition of contracts generally better the relationship between the two parties involved in the business. Contract businesses are however not as smooth as you may think. You may face problems. Contracts legally bind two parties except in cases where they have been declared unlawful either due to fraud or policy issues. All in all, the party that does not honor the promises made during the negotiation will be held accountable and will pay for the damages caused.

Alternate dispute resolution

This is also known as dispute resolution. It involves ways of resolving disputes without necessarily going to court. Disagreements may arise between neighbors, two people in the streets, an individual and an organization, and two organizations. It is a quicker way of finding solutions to your problems and also saving a lot of cash that comes with going to court. The methods for dispute resolution are; negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, and facilitation. In some cases the courts will advise you to use dispute resolution in solving some of the cases.

Internet Law

Internet Laws

Activities over the internet may land you in trouble so it’s is prudent to know what the legal implications of your activities over the internet are. The internet allows us to socialize with our friends and new people, and also act as a platform where we can vent our opinions on various topics. Defamation laws cover these opinions so you need to be careful with what you post. Do not make any defamatory statements about persons or organizations online.
A suit will be brought against you if you do. Cyberstalking is also punishable by law. Under the new laws you don’t have to physically stalk the victims for you to be prosecuted. You may be found guilty of Cyberstalking by based on the words or the speech that the complainant produces as proof. It is also illegal to post someone else’s nude photos online. This is deemed as invasion of a person’s privacy and is also punishable.

Tax Laws

Taxes are part of life and have been around from time immemorial. There are many places where you will encounter tax laws in your life. They are generated by the national government, the state/county governments, cities towns and other municipalities. Federal, State and local governments generate taxes from many places including individuals, organizations, personal property, wages and profits. The methods of valuing these taxes are complex but taxpayers are however expected to abide by all the tax rules to avoid prosecution. Tax evasion is punishable by law and all law-abiding citizens should avoid it.